“Mary Poppins 2” is Happening!

…And same with “In The Heights.”

But first and foremost: have you been paying attention to “Hamilton”? Do you care? Have you memorized every song on the soundtrack and categorized yourself as either a Ham or a Burr? Do you cry listening to “Burn”? Do you crank “Non-Stop” on days with a million deadlines as an attempt to remind yourself that you — like Alexander Hamilton — can also write like you’re running out of time?

Or are you somebody I want to cut out of my life forever?

Just kidding. (Not really.)

Well look: if we’re both on the same “Hamilton” page, you’ll be psyched to know that not only will its creator/star Lin-Manuel Miranda star in the “Mary Poppins” sequel (co-starring Emily Blunt), but his first musical “In The Heights” has been optioned for the big screen.

Bless us everyone.

EW reports that The Weinstein Co. is developing a cinematic version of the Broadway original, and Miranda is stoked on what he’s read so far.

“When it rains it pours,” he said on Twitter. “When it movies it double movies. Heights is back on. Quiara’s new screenplay is great!”

And here’s what I love most about all of this. Back in 2011, Universal was adapting the play for the silver screen and then they put it on ice. And now look. Look at how much can change! Five years ago, Miranda likely didn’t think “Hamilton” would morph into the phenomenon it’s since become (I’M GOING IN DECEMBER, BTW), and now it’s its own entity. And it’s giving rise to a whole other chapter of Miranda’s life. Which is THE BEST.

First, because Miranda is freakishly talented and deserves all the platforms. Second, because he’s such a testament to real, actual hard work. And that’s all I really care about right now. Anyone else with me?

I mean, of course you are. You get it. You hit a point where there is nothing worse than pretentiousness or subtweets or not keeping your eyes on your own paper, and then all you want are friends who get it and who hustle and who aren’t about humblebrags or squashing other people to make themselves feel tall. So you clean everything out: you re-organize your room and your house and your desk and your social life, and then you come out ready to #WERK.

Which is what 2016 has delivered so far. Down with idiots! Up with “Hamilton”! One million high fives for hard work and serious grinding. We are not going to miss our shot.


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