Life Advice From Celine Dion: Do You, Always

Yesterday, Cé©line Dion showed up in downtown Montreal at Browns to launch her handbag and accessories line and most importantly, inject us all with some necessary life advice, thank you.

“Let me be clear,” she said to journalists. “C’est moi le boss. I’m not playing bossy, I am the boss.”

Which, like, yes. Please continue.

“What’s going on? I’m enjoying myself,” she continued. “I went through a lot and I’m not the only one. People have gone through a lot, so they probably understand what I’m saying right now. Sometimes when you go through a lot, whether it’s disappointment or a loss, there is a force that takes over when you believe.”

“And I’m such a believer. I’m focused. I want to create. Going back a few years, when it was so hard, it feels like I can spread my wings.” (Cé©line went through a shitstorm last year when she lost both the love of her life, Rene Angelil, and her brother Daniel Dion, in the span of a week).

Then, instead of answering who she is/is not dating, she sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna because fuck you for even asking, that’s why.

Here’s the thing about Cé©line Dion: she is absolutely a boss. But she’s also a spokesperson for doing what you want to do when you want to do it. I mean, yes you have to work hard. Yes, Cé©line has proven herself professionally for over three decades. Yes, she has earned the right to sing Rihanna instead of answering stupid questions about her personal life. But also, her ideology is valuable to anybody, regardless of work experience or where you’re at life-wise. Mainly, you are the boss of yourself, and you don’t owe a single person anything should you be pressed for questions you have no interest in answering. If you don’t want to talk about who you’re dating, just sing Rihanna and let your interrogator sort it out.

But also, there’s a reason we’re celebrating this DGAF section of Cé©line’s life: we fucking love when someone is unequivocally themselves. (And you know, provided they’re not hurting anybody.)

A lot of us live in very specific parameters dictated by norms that don’t make sense anymore. We’re afraid of being too loud, too eccentric, too whatever-the-hell, and when we do that, we limit our capacity for creativity, for happiness, and for living a Cé©line-esque (read: full and fun) life. Especially if you’re a woman.

But look at the women we’re obsessed with. We write and talk about Cé©line, about Rihanna, about Adele, about Beyoncé©, about figures who say what they’re thinking and construct their lives in the way they want and take wine glasses from restaurants because honestly why not. And we follow and write and talk about them because personality is interesting, individuality is exciting, and it’s even better when someone is embracing those aforementioned things authentically. (And you can always tell when we’re being bullshitted.) (Shout out to you, Taylor Swift.)

So look: here’s what we can learn from Cé©line Dion. Boss up, do you, don’t answer stupid questions. And honestly, quit trying to abide by weird personality parameters put in place by a system that doesn’t have any business existing anymore. Everyone’s extra. You do you.


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  1. Avatar
    • Joan LeVasseur
    • August 24, 2017

    I’d like to know why everyone on this site feels they have to utilize the words only school children use in the playground. I have always been told the only people who use these words are those who don’t have much of a vocabulary.

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