Kaia Gerber is Marc Jacobs’ Newest Daisy

Can you believe it’s been ten years since the launch of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy? I can’t, because I thought it had been around a lot longer, but also I didn’t start writing about beauty stuff until the late 2000s so my opinion doesn’t count for anything, please ignore me.

Anyway, in celebration of its decade of power, Kaia Gerber has landed the Daisy anniversary campaign and very lowkey announced it on Instagram. (And I mean truly: she posted a photo of herself holding a daisy alongside the caption, “#mjdaisy.”)

But she also talked to Teen Vogue about the process, particularly the process of shooting the commercial itself.

“I wasn’t thinking of a certain character when shooting the campaign because I think it was not far from my own personality,” she said. “[It’s] just regular girls having fun.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Gerber has collaborated with Jacobs — most recently, she was named the face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, which is bananas when you remember that she’s only 15 years old.

“Every time I shoot with Marc, it’s incredible, and I still can’t believe it,” she added. “And to be able to shoot the fragrance campaign is a huge deal to me. Every day I came to work so excited.”

As for the commercial itself, you can check it out here, and then you can talk to me about how old you feel when perfumes start turning ten and you’re forced to reconcile that upon its release in 2007 you were sobbing in your car in the mall parking lot, listening to “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

Although for the record, the two weren’t one in the same, by the way. I swear I wasn’t crying about Marc Jacobs.

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