7 Tips for Hosting a Fabulous Oscar Party

Now that the nominees for the 89th annual Academy Awards have been released, it's officially time to start counting down the days and prepping for the big night. And while we unfortunately can't attend the actual awards (what's up with that?), there's no reason why you can't get in on the action and host your very own Oscars party at home.

The Oscars are the epitome of awards ceremonies and present the greatest party opportunity. So, whether you want to go all out -- with swanky attire and all -- or keep it simple, we've put together some ideas that will have your guests clamouring to be invited to your next soiré©e. To ensure you host the most fabulous Oscar viewing party check out our seven tips below.

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What to wear 

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If you’re feeling fancy, ask your guests to dress up as or get style inspiration from their favourite Hollywood star past or present. But if you’re looking to keep things more casual, have your friends wear their pyjamas. Nothing beats lounging in your jammies and drinking champagne!

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