Harry Potter Brushes Are a Thing (…That I Want You To Buy Me)

In this garbage fire of a world, we deserve something nice (for the love of all that is good, I beg you). Enter: The Harry Potter makeup brush collection, pioneered by Storybook Cosmetics.

The indie brand has created five different brushes (and a velvet storage bag, obviously) that go for $55 for the set (USD), and you can pre-order then on the Storybook site, despite there having been a massive rush already. They’re estimated to ship out on December 10, and the handles are metal (not wood), so should you find yourself in a duel situation, you shouldn’t have to worry about your wand snapping in the heat of the moment.

And now that we’re here — down movie tie-in lane — Storybook has also announced that they’re working on a Mean Girls eye shadow palette, making all of my favourite movie dreams come true. The eight-pan piece would come in packaging that looks like the infamous Burn Book, and shades include the likes of “Army Pants” and “Flip Flops,” “ESPN or Something,” “Mouse . . . Duh,” and “Glen Coco.”

And obviously, considering this hasn’t even started happening yet, it could never come to fruition and the world could continue to be a terrible place. But! If the Harry Potter wands have succeeded at catching so much attention, then arguably Storybook Cosmetics has a higher shot at making its next dream come true. Meaning that the rest of us will benefit as a result, but especially me, who has only wished and hoped and prayed for a Mean Girls makeup tie-in since I was a wee baby seeing it for the first time.

In the meantime, let’s try this: Accio Mean Girls makeup. (Don’t say I didn’t try.)

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