GUESS Goes Unisex

Could this day be any better? (Yes, if Leonardo DiCaprio were to finally return my messages, but that’s neither here nor there.) No: it’s finally Lenny Kravitz scarf weather, I’ve had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and my hair isn’t the victim of humidity for the first time in 84 years.

Also: GUESS has unveiled a unisex collection because it lives in the year of our lord 2016. GUESS His & Hers is a line created to provide men and women with the pieces they need to create a wardrobe consisting of monochromatic and neutral tones. It’ll be available at the start of October, and you can pick it up at select GUESS stores and online.

“In a world that is always evolving and testing out new trends, it is important that GUESS, the global lifestyle brand, remains part of these gender-neutral movements that have been rapidly expanding and taking the fashion industry by storm,” said Victor Herrero, Chief Executive Officer of GUESS in a statement. “Our newest launch, GUESS His & Hers, marks our very first gender-free offering. I couldn’t be more proud to announce GUESS’ expansion into the unisex fashion category by helping blur the line with a collection of premium staple pieces made with luxe fabrics in classic shades and styles.”

And those styles include: denim, loungewear, basic tees, classic blazers, and button-down shirts. Plus, outwear (so get psyched for winter, everybody).

So this is great. Especially since the pieces aren’t limiting “neutrals” to grey, brown, white, and black. Light pink and blue pieces have also been thrown into the mix because hello: categorizing pink and blue as “boy and girl” colours (respectively) as simply the product of man-made gender conformity. Plus, the pieces look similar but aren’t uniform” mainly, they can be worn as fitted or as not-fitted as you want. When Zara came out with their gender-neutral line, everything looked a little oversize and space-esque. So, kudos to GUESS for recognizing that gender-neutrality does not mean you have to dress like a Star Trek character.

And now we wait. And if any of you buy that pink leather jacket before I do, know that I will find you and . . . ask you very politely to borrow it.

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