“Gilmore Girls” Releases Official Title

It’s coming: “Gilmore Girls” has been given official title ahead of its soon-to-be released Netflix reboot — and also a poster, so how do you like that.

Returning for four 90-minute episodes nine years after the series wrapped in 2007, the show will revisit the Stars Hollow gang (with like, basically everybody returning) and make us laugh/cry/drink too much coffee all over again.

But okay back to business: appearing on Ellen, in addition to the post on Twitter, star Lauren Graham announced “Gilmore Girls” 2.0 would be called “Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life,” with the corresponding poster giving us the tagline, “Live more. Laugh More. Eat More. Talk More. Gilmore.”

“It’s been the most incredible experience; I cry trying to talk about it,” Graham told Ellen. “I feel so lucky to get to do it, but it’s also been so bizarre, because I open the door and we’re across the street from you, which wasn’t the case before. The set is the same, but we’re in a different place.”

The four-part series will also take on one season per episode, starting in the winter and ending in the fall (which will make all of us desperate for sweaters and holiday aesthetics, who are we kidding, ugh I hate summer so much). Also, you’ll be happy to know that Lorelei still feels connected to Lorelei.

“I loved this character so much and I had the same feeling I had when I first opened the script, which was just such a deep moment,” she revealed. “To get to do it again, who would’ve imagined?”

The countdown is on, gang.

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