Gigi Hadid’s Daily Routine

As your resident Gigi Hadid expert, the last few days have been really, truly, exciting for me. And yes, I gauge the excitement of my own life based off the accomplishments of Gigi Hadid because I think we’re destined to be best friends and I just want to prematurely provide her with BFF levels of support.

It all started on July 14 when Gigi revealed on Instagram that she was going to be on the cover of Vogue alongside Olympic athlete Ashton Eaton (who by the way, is so swoon worthy, I’m not even mad about him occupying half of Gigi’s landmark cover shoot.) Ever since, Vogue has been releasing behind the scenes footage from her photo shoot that are basically fan-girl crack cocaine.

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The latest of these snippets is a parody video titled “Supermodel Gigi Hadid Does Los Angeles Like You’ve Never Seen Before.” In the video Hadid invites cameras to take a look inside her daily routine, but it quickly becomes evident that this isn’t the norm for the Gotham-gym-boxing, green-juice-drinking, recluse supermodel.

The leggy blonde wakes up in full hair and makeup whilst face-timing Mario Testino, and bounces on a ball in lingerie for 7 minutes before stepping out onto Rodeo drive. Surrounded by paparazzi and fans she coos, I love Rodeo because its just like¦ a little place to escape. But perhaps the highlight of the clip is when Gigi orders from In-and-Out drive thru in a hot pink sequined dress and matching pink sunglasses. What does a supermodel eat at California’s best burger chain, you ask? A salad with dressing on the side? Jokes on you, apparently this Victoria’s Secret model stays super lean and fit by casually pounding back a Double Double, fries, and a chocolate milk shake. YA, SAME (insert envious eye-roll here!)

Check out the video and prepare to have your pants charmed off by my new best friend. Sorry I mean Gigi (Play cool Liz, play cool.)


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