Gigi Hadid Teams Up With Stuart Weitzman for a Good Cause

I don’t think Gigi Hadid’s been doing enough, so it’s about time she’s stepped up (#pun) her game. Enter: the new Gigi boot, the fruit of her collaboration with Stuart Weitzman. (Who she’s also the spokesperson of. Because of course.)

The other shoe (or boot) dropped at midnight online, and WWD describes it as a pitched, pointed-toe metallic Timberland (#accurate), which will run from $565 to $595 USD. Hadid also had a hand in designing the boxes they come in.

“This experience has been such a thrill, from choosing the style to selecting materials to creating the signature box,” she said. “I am so excited to finally share these boots and be able to wear them myself.”

A look from Gigi Hadid's collaboration with Stuart Weitzman.

As for her inspiration:

“I was really thinking of myself in New York, running around everywhere during the day and at night,” she explained. “I was always able to come up with the look for the shoe in my brain, but they were harder to execute than clothing. These designs have the ability to go from sexy to sporty, and they have an agility to them but a gracefulness at the same time.”

But it’s not like Gigi just designed a boot for a joke — a portion of the sales will go to the charity Pencils of Promise, which will help Stuart Weitzman build a school in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. And that’s cool.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better way to further my partnership with Stuart Weitzman than to get creative, and am so happy to know the boots I designed will be helping kids through the non-profit organization, Pencils of Promise,” Hadid continued. “I am truly proud of this collaboration from all angles.”

And on top of this? James Franco directed a video for the campaign, which is all sorts of dramatic (and saw Gigi box for about 12 hours one day). So there’s that.

“I was obviously so tired toward the end of the shoot, and James was super positive, and told me to embrace what I was feeling at that moment,” she described.

Personally, I would be feeling exhaustion and rage at having to shoot a film to go with my fancy boots that necessitated hours upon hours of boxing, but this is why I am not a model nor boot designer. Instead, I am a writer who sees boots for $565 and thinks, “This is a super cool thing and idea, but also I will have to save up for a long time to get those.”

Bless us everyone.

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