It’s Spa Week in Toronto!

It’s Monday, it’s early, and it’s the second sunny day in what feels like six months. Naturally, work’s feeling extra stressful, and let’s be honest: you would probably like to be somewhere else.

Well, success, friends: it’s Spa Week in Toronto courtesy of WaySpa.

For $50, you can experience a luxury spa package at spas across the GTA from April 15 to 21, 2013, including The Shizen Spas at the Cosmopolitan and Pantages Hotel, Novo Spa, and Dove Spa (fancy!)., of course, is an online spa marketplace that helps you find the best spas at the best rates across the world. So after you wrap up Spa Week in Toronto, you can head to the site and book a few more appointments in, say, New York or Europe. (Because why not?)

If you head to, you can take a look at the offers across Toronto, and if you tweet about it, make sure to use the hashtag, #SpaWeekTO – and follow @wayspacom while you’re at it.

And as Ritta would say in Parks and Recreation, treat yo self!

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