Predictions on Prince William and Kate Middleton

If you’ve followed the Royal Family, you’ll know that Princess Diana took astrology quite seriously – so seriously, in fact, she had her own astrologer, who’s made some predictions for William and Kate.

According to astrologer Penny Thornton, there’s good news on the horizon: unlike the legacy of the Royal Family, Prince Wililam and Kate Middleton are slated for another year of happiness – that will probably be baby-free for a little while.

“You couldn’t have put the astrological symbols in a better place,” she said, going on to say that the year ahead will be “all about establishing the popularity of the monarchy, and they will continue with that.”

Tell us something we don’t know. Prince William and Kate Middleton have arguably been responsible for the breath of fresh air defining the Royal Family, and with the couple’s one year anniversary having just passed, interest in William and Kate Middleton is still at an all-time high, considering Kate Middleton’s topped Best Dressed lists and magazine covers almost every week.

As for baby plans? “They will eventually have a family but it will be a surprise for them,” says Thornton. “But she is very maternal and they’ll make good parents when it happens.” 

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