The Originals Episode 20 Recap: A Closer Walk With Thee

Poor Klaus is having nightmares! First he dreams he's at Father Kieran's funeral, but when he looks inside the coffin, he finds a baby rather than the priest. As he's trying to process that weird surprise, he gets stabbed in the back… by his father. Dun dun dun!

The real-life version sees him telling Cami about how he knows the dream means that he's worried he'll be as terrible a father as his own was to him. Then he has a flashback to the family he chose, namely Marcel — a different sort of son to Klaus. This all creeps Elijah out because he's been dreaming about their father, Mikael, too. Witchcraft?

If so, those witches sure are busy. They're also trying to figure out how they can kill Hayley and Klaus's baby, as per the request from their ancestors.

The younger witches decide to have a seance but it goes awry. trying to bring back Davina's friend Tim, they get a rude surprise themselves: Mikael. Apparently, he's not the only one, either. Purgatory for the dead supernatural is falling away, so some of them are coming back to torment the still-living. While Davina and friend are introduced to Mikael, Monique decides to try her hand at a little anti-Hayley voodoo (and yes, it seems to work).

Then we start to learn more about that key, the one that Kieran wore and that everybody wants. Marcel has it, but what's it for? It leads to some sort of Pandora's box that contains a weapon that can control the supernatural should they get out of line, but even Marcel doesn't know what that might be. However, at Kieran's funeral, Cami has a bit of an a-ha moment and she realizes what the key will open is buried with her brother. 

Hayley collapses, presumably from the voodoo, and Genevieve and the Original brothers pick her up and try to figure out what's wrong. In her dream while she's out cold, she also has her first introduction to Mikael, who says they're family. Then he tries to kill her. Genevieve starts doing a spell on Hayley and she realizes what Monique is up to. When Hayley wakes up, she manages to do something that doesn't happen very often: she freaks out the brothers by telling them that she saw Mikael. She also decides to move back to the compound with the vampires, so she and the baby are protected. However, she's worried about what will happen to the baby after she's born. Klaus shows her a sweet little nursery all set up and ready for use.

Elijah bribes Genevieve with his mother's spell book. He wants her to create a moonlight ring for Hayley so she doesn't have to turn on the full moon when the baby comes. She seems to agree, but it's hard to know her motives. She also tells Monique to quit the voodoo because the baby needs to be born before she can be killed, as that's the only way she'll be of use to the ancestors. But then she pleads with the ancestors, alone in the cemetery, saying she doesn't want to slay the baby. They torture her from beyond until she agrees to do it anyway.

Also out in the cemetery, Cami and Marcel open up her brother's tomb looking for whatever the key supposedly opens. They find a box with a code on it, which Cami recognizes. She doesn't share much more than that with Marcel, but tells him it's her responsibility now that her brother and uncle are both gone.

Just when we think Klaus and Marcel are going to make up and be friends again, they clash. Surprise, surprise.

But then! Elijah and Hayley make a connection of their own and finally kiss. He vampire-speeds away though, leaving her alone. If I were her, I wouldn't have smiled so sweetly at that, I'd have been pissed. What a tease!

Mikael goes to Davina and offers to help rid her of Klaus forever if she can just bring him back to life. Don't do it, Davina! It's a trap!

Parting thought… where the heck is Rebekkah?

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