Lindsay Lohan To Play Elizabeth Taylor?

Considering Lindsay Lohan’s current career trajectory, it’s safe to assume that we won’t see her on-screen until she cleans up her act, right? Wrong.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in early talks to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime film which has been in the works since May.

Set to be produced by Larry Thompson – who previously worked with the network on the film, Amish Grace – the film’s cast is still being figured out, but with Lindsay Lohan’s affinity for portraying old Hollywood staples (Marilyn Monroe in Playboy, namely), we can assume she’d jump at the chance to play one of the industry’s most renowend forces.

Of course, 2012 may be the year Lindsay Lohan turns it all around. Having just gotten a wrist tattoo that reads “live without regrets”, we can only hope she takes her own advice but also learns from the past – especially since last year was infamous for her court behaviour, probation violation and, well, that Playboy spread. (Seems like just yesterday she was Hailey and Annie in The Parent Trap.)

Evidently, TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan got the tattoo to commemorate the “great point” she’s at in her life – which (maybe?) is in response to the recent Elizabeth Taylor movie news.

After all, Lindsay: what would Elizabeth Taylor do?


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