Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s Twitter Accounts Hacked

We’re used to Kim Kardashian baring all, but yesterday’s tweets threw everyone for a loop.

Either she’s decided to start sharing the X-rated details of her and beau Kris Humphries’s anatomy, or someone hacked into her Twitter.

Kardashian’s been repping some racy publicity lately, but it turned out to be a seriously funny April Fool’s hacker.

It started off with some nasty twit pics, the first detailing her new goal, showing a seriously overweight woman in a thong. In the second, Kardashian declared she was so over Kris Hump!!! This is my new man!!!!!, accompanied by a photo gem showing off a naked old man riding a bicycle with flowers on the handlebars (perhaps a hippie/nudist?).

Then the hacker got down to business. We can’t, in good conscience, repeat them here, but the following tweets detailed everything from Kris Hump’s supposed sexual preferences (involving a soft baby pink feather) to her description of true love.

(Hint: it involves flicking a certain appendage. And we’ll stop there.)

Then in the late evening, the real Kardashian returned with a reassuring tweet: Ok OK I’m back! Obviously my twitter was hacked! What a day @KhloeKardashian @nicolerichie Are we done yet?

Oh, yes. Kim wasn’t the only one. Nicole Richie later admitted to hacking into Khloe’s Twitter account “ but at least her tweets were a little more tame. They mainly revolved around the assertion that K’s are for losers. So Khloe announced she was changing her name to Chloe Cardashian, and she ceeps cale in her citchen.

Hacker or no hacker, though, one thing’s for sure: the Kardashian sisters love attention. That’s a reasonable thing to say about any reality star, but the fact that the offensive tweets (at least, on Kim’s feed) still haven’t been deleted says a lot about her enjoyment of the whole stunt.

Maybe Kris Hump really does have a thing for pink feathers ¦

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