What Your Watch Style Says About You

Before the handshake, the eye contact and the Nice to meet you, the watch on your wrist says a lot about who you are. It is an indication of your style, your personality and your success. So, what does your watch say about you?

Thin, Silver Cartier Watch

A woman wearing a thin, silver watch “ especially if it is Cartier “ will appear classic, sophisticated and romantic. It is both simple and elegant. A watch like this can be worn to everything from brunch with the girls, a romantic date or a charity banquet.  
Be a timeless beauty with this Silver Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch, priced at around $4000. 

S - Cartier Ballon Bleu Silver Watch 300x400

Diamond FOSSIL Watch

If your watch is full of diamonds (or cubic zirconia) you love the spotlight! Most of the time, others will ohh and ahh over your glittering watch and sparkling personality “ just make sure you don’t come off as a diva! If bling is your thing, FOSSIL has a great selection.
Show off your sassy side with Fossil’s Pearlized Stella Multifunction White Dial Watch, $95. 

S - Fossil Diamond Watch 300x400

Leather Michael Kors Watch

A watch with a leather strap “ especially if the strap is black, brown or some dark colour “ suggests that you are practical and sensible. (Perhaps even a bit bookish?) If you’re worried about people thinking that you are boring, Michael Kors has leather-strapped watches with studs and charms.  
Spice things up with Michael Kors’ Brown Leather Studded Wrap-Watch, $160. 

S - Michael Kors Leather Watch 300x400

Silicon Timex Watch

If your watch has a night-light, a lap-counter and a water-proof body, it is obvious what your watch says about you! A Timex or some other sport watch will not only show your athleticism; It will also that you are ambitious, determined and efficient.
Check out Timex’s Ironman All Day 50-Lap Silicon Watch, $80. 

S - Timex Silicon Watch 300x400

Men’s Victorinox Swiss Army Watch

A woman in an oversized men’s Swiss Army watch is sexy in the same way that a woman in an oversized men’s shirt is sexy. If you wear a men’s watch (or a boyfriend watch) you are a bombshell with a tomboy side!
Swiss Army’s Victorinox Airboss Mach 4 Men’s Watch is the perfect boyfriend watch, priced at around $600.

S - Swiss Army Watch 300x400

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