Kate Middleton Wants The Pregnancy Rumours To Stop

Since getting married last april, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been the subject of countless rumours regarding whether or not Kate Middleton’s pregnant. The official verdict? She’s not – and stop saying she is.

According to a source, Kate Middleton “understands that there’s interest,” but certain outlets “push things too far.”

“The constant rumours about Kate being pregnant, or not being pregnant, make her feel uncomfortable,” the source continues. “Seeing stories that talk about her health is really hurtful. It’s difficult just to ignore them.”

Luckily, Kate Middleton’s being talked down by Prince William himself – and we can stop anticipating baby news, since there’s no immediate plans to start a family.

“They have only been married for one year and they are not rushing to have a baby,” the mysterious source says. “Both William and Kate want their first child to happen naturally at the right time.”

(Or is that just a rumour?)

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