Introducing: hr2

We all love Holt Renfrew, but odds are we’d love it even more if we could stay on-budget AND reap the benefits of their awesome selection. Well, enter: hr2, the retailer’s mid-level concept store, that will appease those of us have to watch our spending.

Set to open in March in DIX30, an outdoor mall in Montreal, hr2 will then make its way to Ontario later in spring, with plans to expand across the rest of Canada throughout 2015.

“It is really, quite frankly, a totally different concept,” hr2 vice-president Heather Arts told the Toronto Star. And while she denied that it would resemble Barney’s in New York, she confirmed that it will be notably smaller than flagship Holt Renfrew retailers that range from about 100 000 to 500 00 square feet. Which is fine — considering the middle-market is often skipped over in terms of high (or high-ish end) fashion, we’ll take it gladly.


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