Colour us fashionable

Who says kids have all the fun? Color Me Trendy has just come out with a colouring book for those of us who pine for the days when relaxing with a box of crayons was the makings of a perfect afternoon.

With over 50 sketches included, these cold winter afternoons (when you should be working, but want to procrastinate) present the perfect opportunity to embrace your inner six-year-old, as you add personal touches to “the fashion pages” (thus, making up for those days where you were told to stop doodling and to pay attention) to create looks entirely your own.

Going for $13, the book is the brainchild of three sisters who’ve collectively studied fashion, art, poetry and business, so the DIY culture of 2010 seems to be accurately represented in black-and-white-outline form. (Hello, potential gift for the artistically or fashionably inclined.)

So we’ve got Silly Bandz, stirrup pants, (Mad Men) Barbie dolls and colouring books. All we need are fanny packs and scrunchies, and we’re back in the world of 1993.

Oh, wait . . . 

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