Christian Louboutin is Coming to Toronto!

Everyone likes (and needs) to wear shoes, but when's the last time we actually learned about them? Exactly. That's why news of Christian Louboutin's upcoming exhibit at Toronto's Design Exchange is so exciting: now in addition to respecting the designer's work, we can educate ourselves about it as well.

Running from June 21 to September 15, the Chrisian Louboutin exhibit will make its way from the Design Museum in London and take up residency on the Historic Trading Floor of Canada's Design Museum in celebration of 20 years in the industry. 

Featuring over 250 shoes, sketches, and personal artifacts from Louboutin himself, plus "visual instillations," this will undoubtedly help remind everyone that fashion is very much still about art.

Threre will also be themes: Entertainment (styles inspired by music, the circus, movies, and pop culture), Architecture (of the shoe), The Showgirl (which includes a hologram of Dita Von Teese), The Handcrafted, The Shadow Theatre, Fetish, and The Atelier, which will cover various aspects of Louboutin's designs and influences, as well as of course, make the exhibit even easier to navigate.

Louboutin himself will open the exhibit at a special event on June 21, and tickets will be available for that on May 25. For more information head to the official site, and begin the countdown in the meantime. 

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