Ralph Lauren Goes Vintage

Vintage everything is “all the rage” as the kids say today, so that’s probably why Ralph Lauren has debuted their vintage collection, which features pieces from the brand’s archives.

“I am happy to welcome you to RL Vintage, a very personal experience for collectors who share my love of craftsmanship, patina, heritage, and personal style,” said Ralph Lauren. “Since my childhood, I have been drawn to old things: faded workshirts, weathered jean jackets, military uniforms, Navajo blankets, handcrafted furniture, paintings, photographs, and all kinds of vintage vehicles — from a dented pickup to a bold Bugatti.”

“I love their stories, each artist’s hand, and their enduring style,” he continued. “These are the things that inspire everything I do.”

According to Vogue, you can get the collection online, and each season, Ralph Lauren will set the theme. This season, the brand goes western with cowboy-influenced pieces like, well, everything Lauren listed as his favourite things.

However, you won’t just be set a piece with a “vintage” tag: everything will come with a detailed history, so the buyer knows exactly where it came from. (Which is the best, let’s not kid ourselves.)

You can peruse the collection at RLVintage.com, just in time for Christmas.

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