Beyonce Parfums is Now the Best-Selling Celebrity Fragrance Franchise

We all want to be or be friends with Beyonce, and for excellent reason: she is a force. But now in addition to her music, her style, and her entire demeanour, she's now conquered the celebrity fragrance market thanks to the success of Beyonce Parfums.

Following the success of Beyonce Heat, House of Beyonce Fragrances have become the best-selling celebrity fragrance brand — in fact, Beyonce Parfums has become the #1 best-selling fragrance franchise globally. 

How did she do it? Well, Beyonce explains.

"It was important to me to work with a partner like Coty that understood my vision to create fragrances that stand the test of time, not just last a season," she said. "I was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and her success with White Diamonds. She reached far beyond the celebrity fragrance box that you can be pigeon-holed into if you don't really focus on the quality and endurance of your fragrance. I am so happy that Heat was such a success and I hope it will continue to be a favourite for years to come."

Well now we know. And if you don't know: Beyonce Heat was launched in 2010, and was a hit from the get-go. It's since helped launch five other fragrances that make up the Beyonce Parfums family: Beyonce Heat Rush, Beyonce Midnight Heat, Beyonce Pulse, Beyonce Pulse NYC, and Beyonce Heat The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition Fragrance. Needless to say (but I'm saying it anyway), the House of Beyonce Fragrances have generated $400 million in sales since launching.

It will probably generate even more soon: the Beyonce Heat Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Limited Edition Fragrance (say that three times fast, or even one time fast — we dare you) will be available at Shopper's Drug Mart for a limited time in November 2013. So Christmas 2013? Get psyched.

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