Adam Lambert Arrested in Finland

Things got dramatic for Adam Lambert in Finland this morning when he was arrested after a fight with his boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen (winner of season seven of Finnish Big Brother, thank you very much), outside of a gay bar.

Evidently, the situation got heated when the two left the famous DTM nightclub and started a brawl, which led to their arrest at 4 a.m. and continued holding.

According to Finnish reports, Adam Lambert and Koskinen began fighting inside, then continued the dispute after they were kicked out of the bar. Friend and former beauty queen Sofia Ruusila has already stepped forward, saying that she had tried to get between the couple, but was hit by Adam Lambert by mistake.

What’s headline-making, though, is that the two are still being held by Finnish officials. While likely to be released by Christmas, Adam Lambert and his boyfriend are currently still in police custody – though the jail must be nice, since Koskinen has already posted about the debacle on his blog.

“Love it not easy,” he concluded his rant. “But it is forever.”

Let’s hope their obvious problems aren’t forever – or that the jail releases Adam Lambert and co. long before then.


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