Audrina Patridge Talks “The Hills” (Finally)

It’s been over ten years since The Hills first aired, so why wouldn’t Audrina Patridge take to her blog and/or lifestyle site to spill the beans on the hot goss we were obsessed with in the noughties and also forever?


So to commemorate the show’s recent anniversary, Patridge answered a few questions that have been tossed her way since the series’ glorious premiere. And because I care about all of you, here’s some of the knowledge we/I gleamed:

– No, the entire show was not fake. It only took a turn after Lauren left and producers needed to keep things interesting. That’s when the real/fake lives came into play.

– Audrina hasn’t watched the show since the finale.

– The show wasn’t scripted, but everyone was guided by producers. Towards the end, though, it was “verbally scripted” in that the cast would be egged on for confrontation sake.

– Audrina’s biggest regret? “That I didn’t get a therapist.” (Therapy rules! Go get it, everyone!)

– There was an actual rumour that Lauren hooked up with Justin Bobby, courtesy of a mutual friend who has since died. Yikes.

– She still speaks to Kristin, Heidi, and Brody (not Lauren, though).

– Justin apologized for his shitty behaviour years ago. “He has a good heart and I wish him the best!” A-Pat says.

– But also, Justin and Audrina met before The Hills, and then what we saw in the beginning was indicative of where they were at, relationship-wise. Audrina’s blanket statement? “We were both also VERY young.” (Truth.)

– Audrina and Spencer never dated so don’t even go there.

– If she could change one thing, it’d be guys getting in the way of friendship. She also would’ve said no to a lot more, and yes to other things.

But okay the biggest truth bomb? She’s pregnant! And getting married! To her best friend! (Also she used the word “lover” and I’m like, no, I can’t write that seriously, I’m sorry.) Girlfriend is engaged to Corey Bohan, and she ended her post by singing the praises of her “whole new journey.”

“I know who I am and I know what I want,” she says. And honestly, good for her. Also, though, I can’t be the only person who would for sure watch a Hills reboot featuring the stars as married moms trying to navigate the ins and outs of parenthood in a city in which parenting seems super stressful. (Like, more than anywhere.) So because Friday the 13th is magical, I’m going to put that out there: a series about The Hills stars as grown-ass women.

We deserve it. We, the people who still own DVD sets of The Hills.

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