Asos Launches a Princess Diana Collection

Well why don’t we go right ahead and file this under “WHY DIDN’T ANY OF YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!”

I mean, really.

Anyway, if you’ve been actively thinking about the late Princess Diana’s early eighties wardrobe, the time has come to channel it yourself. That’s right, friends: Asos is paying tribute via a collaboration with WAH Nails founder Sharmadean Reid for a collection “with a modern twist.”

And they’re not kidding. Available online now (and yes, even for us Canadians), the collection takes classic Di looks — like puppy sweaters and pearls and loafers — and makes them 2016-appropriate, which, for the record would’ve been fine as is, TBH.

WWD reports that the style union came after Reid read a book during her time at Central Saint Martins, which led to Reid penning an article for WAH-zine called, “Princess Di was Really Fly.” And the rest was history (literally).

The collection consists of 20 pieces, roughly in the $100-$200 CAD realm (minus a few cheaper accessories — like $10-ish earrings).

“I am actually from a fashion background, not a classic nail background,” Reid said to WWD. “I used to assist Nicola Formichetti and worked as a stylist and consultant. I love the Asos team and they’ve been trying to get me to do a collection for years, but I only wanted to collaborate when I had a good idea. I was never going to make a collection just for the sake of it. I wanted to do something cool. Now was the perfect timing.”

As for Asos’ side of things?

“The WAH aesthetic speaks directly to our 20-something customer and Sharmadean is the ultimate female creative, we are of course excited to collaborate with her,” said Asos design director Vanessa Spence. “With the majority of our collaborations we try and offer our customer something different from the brand’s usual product mix and this first clothing and accessory collection by Wah x Asos does just that.”

And again, it’s super cool and original. But at the same time — and not to be a massive buzzkill — you could also just hit up almost any vintage store and buy pieces that look even more similar than this particular line. I mean, the line is fun! It’s great! But also, you could create your own, provided you have enough patience.

Or maybe I’m just salty I didn’t think of it first. (Which I am. I absolutely am. I would honestly betray each and every one of you for a shot at the original Princess Diana puppy sweater.)

And I’ll also take a Fergie collection, since we’re having this conversation.

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