Are You Un-Pretty Enough For Kate Moss?

Fellow normals of the world rejoice! Kate Moss is launching a modelling agency that is not at all interested in pretty people.

And I’m not even lying: Kate Moss laid all this out in an interview with Business of Fashion where she confirmed that Kate Moss Agency is an actual thing.

“It’s a dream! It’s so weird!” she said. “You know that film Gia? Faye Dunaway plays the agent. I could so do that! But I want to focus more on managing people’s careers than just a modelling agency. I don’t really want pretty people, I want people that want to sing and dance and act — I want to create stars.”

Cool! (Although for the record, Gia’s story is heartbreaking, so maybe we dial down those particular comparisons.)

But here’s how it’s going to happen: the agency will work with a small number of yet-to-be named talents and will rep them as models. In the meantime, Moss has been assembling a team that includes her friend Lucy Baxter, so this shit is on lock. Especially since they’ll  also be establishing a strong social media presence — which is why Kate herself got Instagram this week.

“There will be pictures of Kate, pictures that Kate has chosen and pictures of other models that the agency represents,” stated a quote in the interview. “I think it will be kind of feeling it out as we go along, and not strategically planned. It kind of will come from the heart, but it will definitely be Kate’s vision, not just pictures of her, but Kate’s vision.”

And honestly I’m on board for an agency that focuses less on the “pretty” (what does that even mean, you know?) and more on individuality. Uniqueness is important, and originality is a currency — so why wouldn’t we begin to put an emphasis on highlighting the things that make somebody an individual? Especially since Kate Moss was far from the rule when she got her break in the mid-1990s. And it’s also bananas to abide by a rulebook in terms of people. “The look” is a myth. If we all aspired to looking a particular way, fashion would be boring. Art would be boring. Life would be boring. So bring it on, Kate Moss Agency.

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