Are You Ready For Romeo + Juliet’s 20th Anniversary?

Do you wanna feel old? JK, of course you don’t and also we are all aging at what feels like an alarming rate as is, so it’s fine, let’s focus on what really matters: Romeo + Juliet is turning 20 this year (and soon, people, soon), so Baz Luhrmann is giving us a gift.

Back on Tuesday, the director took to Twitter to announce that November 1 will mark the two decade anniversary of the second-greatest Leonardo DiCaprio movie of all time (first is Titanic, duh), and to honour it accordingly, he and his team will be hooking us all up with never-before-seen archive images.

(And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.)

He kicked off the celebrations with the mood board that led up to the gas station scene and subsequently, my love/hate relationship with Hawaiian print shirts. Also, let us take this second to emotionally prepare ourselves for Romeo + Juliet nostalgia, but also important questions this movie has raised that have yet to be answered. Let us proceed:

– Has everyone here accepted that if Romeo and Juliet had cell phones this story wouldn’t have happened? They’d just shoot a text and bada-bing — they’re fine, it’s fine, it’s going to be fine.

– Have we also accepted that Romeo and Juliet knew each other a total of like, 72 hours? I want everyone here to know that if you come up to me, manic with love over someone you just met to the point of wanting to die, I will tell you that it’s really time to think about your choices and who you are and what brought you to this place. Because you are bananas.

– Do we understand that Mercutio is the best character? Because we should, because he is.

– Is it weird that I want to end all speeches/toasts/etc. with “A plague! On both your houses!” for dramatic effect?

– Why doesn’t anybody we know have cool parties like the cool party we saw in this movie? (And if you’re saying your parties are just as good, you are wrong and you should know that.)

– Why didn’t Romeo notice the FedEx truck? Twice? Like, he lived in an abandoned parking lot — I would look up and run towards a seagull of it was walking towards me.

– Do we understand that Romeo + Juliet is the ultimate tale in “And that’s why you should always leave a note”?

– Can you imagine how emotionally draining it would be to be friends with any of these people?

– Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio would like me if we met?

– Do you think that I fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio’s hair or his face first?

– Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio’s reading this right now?

– If he is, do you think he kept his Hawaiian shirt and would give it to me?

– Guys?

– Is anybody reading this anymore?

– A plague on all your houses

– JK

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