Anna Wintour is Dressing Hillary Clinton

I know we’re Canadian, but let’s face it: the American election is dictating every aspect of our lives, so we might as well accept it and move on and talk about it to death until Novemeber. (Also, Obama’s speech last night, am I right? Sweet heaven.)

But okay. Tonight Hillary Clinton steps up to deliver her “I accept the democratic nomination” speech, which will bring the DNC to a close and mark the start of the official campaign. (Which to me is bananas: I honestly feel like this election has been happening since before I was born, and I am 30 and even this feels like a massive understatement.) And FYI, her pant suits? Those are all courtesy of Anna Wintour. Word on the street is that the Vogue EIC has been dressing Ms. Clinton.

According to Business of Fashion, Hillary has been consulting Anna (they are my friends, so I call them by their Christian names, duh), who’s also a democratic party fundraiser.

“On certain occasions, Wintour has approached designers to procure outfits for Clinton, who has settled into a uniform of brightly coloured pantsuits and jackets by US designers,” BoF writes. “Unlike many celebrities, who are often lent or gifted fashion items, Clinton’s campaign pays for her clothes.”

Both Wintour and Clinton were reached out to for comment, but no dice.

Now, lest we forget that campaigns do have a clothing budget — as BoF outlines, clothing is a huge part of putting one’s self “out there” in the meet-and-greet spotlight. And also lest we forget that Hillary wore a gazillion-dollar jacket to a pre-DNC event which was a serious faux pas, especially since she’s already been put through the ringer for her connection to big banks and million-dollar speaking events. So: while she will undoubtedly be dressed like a boss to deliver her speech tonight, may Wintour suggest a piece that won’t reflect Clinton’s ties to the financial elite (during a campaign that relies on Sanders’ supporters’ votes, too).

I mean, even J Crew would be fine, right? Ralph Lauren? Like, hi: designer pieces are sweet, but out of every occasion to wear one, a campaign that needs to be mindful of the disappearing middle class should not be defined by a fancy aesthetic. (Especially since Trump’s appearing in all his business suits as a walking reminder of how he drips money. And as BoF outlines, designer pieces have been a rarity on the campaign trail for sometime.)

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