Alexa Chung, Meet UGG

You know how everything old is new again? (Obviously, as the fashion and beauty worlds would curl up and die if we didn’t repeat it every other season.) Well, UGG boots are about to come back, my beloved fellow noughties survivors. And Alexa Chung will be steering the ship.

According to Vogue, Chung will be the brand’s new art director in their first-ever creative partnership, officially marking a new phase in the UGG revolution. (Because if Crocs can come back, so can Uggs, honestly.)

“There is nothing I enjoy more than getting back to England and seeing all of my mates, and that involves my uniform, which is UGG boots, jeans and a navy blue jumper,” she said in a statement. “I have an association with them being home, friends, hanging out and having fun.”

“With this in mind, I loved art directing for UGG,” she continued, describing her first shoot. “It gave me an opportunity to work alongside and marry together some of the people in my life I find most inspiring with a team of talented pals to capture both their spirit and the easy going nature of the brand.”

The shoot took place in New York, and features women who Chung’s close to in the industry.

The partnership also honours the original boot style as well as the launch of the Classic II, and images were shot by Ben Rayner (whose work you have for sure seen like, everywhere).

“As UGG continues to cement its position in the world of fashion, partnering with a creative as globally revered as Alexa was a natural step in the brand’s evolution,” said Alice Hampton, Senior Director of Global PR for UGG. “Alexa’s iconic perspective and creative aesthetic made her the perfect partner to capture the new Classic in a modern, contemporary, and yet very real way.”

So that begs the question: are we ready to go back to Titanic? (See: UGG boots?) Has enough time passed? Are they ironic or are they something we’re like, “Yeah, they’re fine, what was our problem?” I mean, seriously: what was our problem? Why were we so mad about UGG boots? Are we even existing in a fashion landscape where something being cool/not cool counts as something that matters? Because honestly, this shoot looks cool? And having lived through UGG boots already, I feel comfortable admitting I don’t know why we were so angry about them in the first place.

Controversial, I know.

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