The ’90s are Back at Gap!

Sometimes, amidst absolute terribleness, a small nice thing happens that gives you exactly the type of outlet and/or escape you need.

Enter: Gap’s launch of a limited-edition collection called the ’90s Archive Re-Issue that is exactly what it sounds. Pieces like the Bodysuit, Reverse Fit and Easy Fit Denim, Pleated Khakis, and the Timeless Pocket Tee will be available online at and in select stores starting on February 7. Basically, call it ‘Generation Gap’ because that is the official name of the corresponding campaign, please and thank you.

“The ’90s is having a sartorial moment and we have an archive of pieces that set the tone for that decade commercially and culturally, so it seemed right to re-issue some of those pieces and the stories that come from them,” said Craig Brommers, chief marketing officer for Gap. “Generation Gap came together in a celebration of who was with us then and who we are now — it has, at its heart, that simple truth we can take from the past but also celebrate our future.”

To bring this vision to light, Gap collaborated with director Kevin Calero to create a short film called Generation Gap that references TV spots like “Mellow Yellow” (REMEMBER?!), “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and “Just Can’t Get Enough” a.k.a. the commercials that changed us emotionally and spiritually as human beings. Plus, Naomi Campbell’s going to make an appearance.

Set to an acapella version of the 1992 Billboard #1 “All 4 Love” by Color Me Badd, the cast of Generation Gap includes Lizzy Jagger, DJ TJ Mizell (son of Jam Master Jay), Evan Ross (son of Diana Ross), Chelsea Tyler (daughter of Steven Tyler), Rumer Willis, Coco Gordon (Kim Gordon’s daughter) and Naomi.

“It’s an honour to be here, in the same outfit that I wore 20 years ago in my Gap ad,” Campbell said. “The creativity in the ’90s is something I’m so grateful that I got to be a part of and to see and to learn from and to draw inspiration from.”

Amen. Even though deep down, we all know everybody just scrolled through my Instagram feed and saw some of my #TBTs and said, “We should get everybody to dress just like her.” (Please. Let me have this.)

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