9 TIFF-Inspired Books to Read Before You Watch the Movies

In case you haven't been paying attention and you've been enjoying the final days of summer, TIFF is coming. Yup, our annual Toronto International Film Festival kicks off on September 8 and brings with it a flurry of celebrity sightings, parties and more caffeine and cocktails than will be consumed for probably the rest of the year. But, if you can't make it to any of the premieres or just can't handle the crowds (we get it) or just want to form your opinions prior to your movie screenings, read the books that inspired the movies first. 

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Nocturnal Animals by Austin Wright


Previously published as Tony and Susan, this book follows the remarried Susan as she’s drawn back into her past with her ex-husband, an unpublished writer, and the characters that he brings to her in his unpublished manuscript. This book delves into the world of writing what you know and how long-buried secrets can be revealed in the unlikeliest of ways. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams and Isla Fisher, this thriller is directed by Tom Ford (yeah, that Tom Ford). 

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