7 Highlights From Real Housewives of Toronto: Episode 8

Welcome back for another weekly recap of RHOT. This week the ladies (minus Kara) are whisked away to Barcelona to help Ann and her husband with work. Kara continues to be AMBI-crazed back in Toronto. Here’s the gist.

1. The episode begins with Roxy front and centre, enjoying a big bubble bath, champagne and the wizardly power of her assistant Elise. The two are figuring out the best looks for Roxy’s Barcelona trip and Roxy can’t be more pleased with Elise’s go-to selections and knowing attitude.

2. After Jana, Grego, Joan and Roxy meet Ann in Barcelona the group decides to partake in a flamenco dancing class. The class brings back fond memories for Grego, being that she was a competitive dancer for most of her life. Ann can’t stop gushing about Grego’s talent and how watching her is like “watching music” while she sees herself as more of a “stick with moving hands” kind of dancer. Hopefully more of Grego’s dancing will be on the agenda.

3. It’s time for Ann and Stephen’s big medical presentation and we are introduced to Cynoshare, a machine where the procedure of “annihilating fat” takes a mere 20 minutes, is non-invasive and looks ridiculously easy to withstand. Soon, the ladies are suctioned up and having the machine do its fat-sucking trick and all of them look perfectly content and care-free the whole time. Roxy also takes the time to brush her hair 36,363 times during the procedure, but that’s neither here nor there.

4. While the ladies celebrate being in Barcelona, Kara is back in Toronto continuing her chit chat about the AMBI gala, the sponsored tables she sold (or lack thereof) and all-things “charity” leaning. Kara then shows us a softer side of her pitbull-like attitude: it’s her 22nd wedding anniversary and her and her husband are out experiencing the finer things. Kara gets her much-hoped for Cé©line bag and presents her husband with a custom painting that she commissioned to be done for him, all focusing on their undying love. Apparently he’s her “birch tree” or something.

5. Jana and Grego, now back in the city, meet up and Grego takes Jana to a matchmaker. Jana refers to men as onions and talks about how she needs to peel the layers off them in order to actually care. She also notes it’s been basically 13 years since she’s dated (her divorce was finalized over a year ago) so the world is all new to her. Still, Jana smiles along and allows herself to be examined for matchmaking fun. More of the matchmaking antics are sure to come in coming weeks.

6. Ann and Joan meet up for lunch to unwind after Barcelona and talk about how it all went. There are a lot of similar mannerisms between these two women, and in this scene it’s hard not to notice their mirroring style. While the two gab about the success of the weekend, Ann starts to get emotional about Stephen’s condition, which, while it hasn’t gotten worse, it hasn’t gotten much better either. We see a real heartfelt moment from Ann here and Joan is nothing but classy and considerate throughout the convo, even when the two discuss Kara. Ann also asks Joan if she’ll be part of her upcoming wedding renewal vows and celebration with Stephen.

7. The episode closes out with Ann looking like Glinda the Good Witch, according to Kara. Ann’s extravagant gown is eye-popping and Kara can’t get enough of Ann’s energy as the two ride in the limo the AMBI gala together. If there’s ever a dry moment, Ann is always there to save the day with her humour and quirk. The two ladies have some quick exchanges, including a quick mention of Kara’s “frowning upon” on Joan but for the most part it’s a pretty PG-13 ride.

Next week, the Joan-Kara dilemma continues and Joan stands up to Kara, again. While Joan may hate confrontation, it looks like she’s not about to back down this time around. See you next week!

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