6 New Books To Read This Spring 2023

Spring is almost here, and with the change of seasons comes a host of new books lining the shelves, ready for you to snatch up and enjoy as wait out the last weeks of cold weather at home, enjoy during your commutes to school or work, and eventually, to read on that first warm-weather picnic. Whether you’re looking for a buzzy new celebrity tell-all memoir, a thought-provoking literary debut, or some bite-sized short stories from a legendary author, we’ve got something for everyone. Happy Spring, and happy reading!

The Other Daughter
By Caroline Bishop
This novel tells the dual stories of a mother and daughter and explores the theme of women’s right to forge their own lives. In 1976, a pregnant and career-driven London journalist goes to Switzerland to cover the emerging women’s liberation movement. And in 2016, Jess, her daughter, discovers something about her late mother’s past and journeys to Switzerland to root out the truth.
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Old Babes in the Wood: Stories
By Margaret Atwood
If you’re looking for something new to read, you can’t go wrong with Margaret Atwood. The legendary Canadian author’s latest release is a collection of 15 short stories, which are the perfect thing to devour in a single sitting. They touch on a variety of themes, from sisterhood to love to alienation and modernity.
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By Anna Metcalf
This unsettling, and intriguingly confusing experimental novel questions whether a woman can ever have true autonomy in our society. It follows the story of a nameless woman determined to transform herself by controlling her body and mind, told through the perspectives of three different people (her mother, friend, and someone she meets at the gym) who obsessively watch her metamorphosis. It’s not out till April, so be sure to add it to your pre-order list now.
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Paris: The Memoir
By Paris Hilton
In this celebrity tell-all, 2000s icon Paris Hilton walks readers through her story: from a pampered child of privilege, to a survivor of abuse at the “emotional grown boarding schools” that she was locked up in as a teenager, to self-fashioned gazillion-dollar brand and businesswoman.
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The Journey Prize Stories 33: The Best of Canada’s New Black Writers
Selected By David Chariandy, Esi Edugyan and Canisia Lubrin
For the last three decades, Canada’s prestigious annual fiction anthology, The Journey Prize Stories, has been putting new and emerging writers onto readers’ radars. This special edition shines a light on up-and-coming Black writers, featuring Téa Mutonji, Jasmin Sealy, Terese Mason Pierre, Christina Cooke, and more.
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The Applicant
By Nazli Koca
In this anticipated debut, we follow the story of a young Turkish woman who finds herself cleaning bathrooms at a Berlin hostel while she fights her university (that failed her thesis) and the immigration system (so that she can stay after she lost her student visa). It’s told through the format of journal entries and is an intimate, funny, and moving examination of the working-class experience, displacement and belonging, and the struggle to be an artist.
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