5 Things to Watch During Your Turkey Coma

Even if most of the US doesn’t believe that we celebrate Thanksgiving (and questions whether Christmas is on the same day), we’re still excited for this long weekend. The turkey, the pumpkin pie, the family stuff–even if things are different, we’re still embracing it full-stop. But, of course, you can bet your ass that at some point we’ll be horizontal on the couch looking for something to watch as we drift in and out of our tryptophan-induced comas. Here are seven long weekend-approved options, depending on your mood, level of consciousness and viewing preferences. 

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If you want something to give you the feels…


Feeling a turkey-fueled cry coming on? Embrace the shit out of it and watch Stepmom. Not only will it solidify that you’re not the only person with family dramz going on, but it’ll punch you in the heart so hard that you’ll feel like a new person after you’re all cried out (and have, eventually, digested all of your Thanksgiving dinner). 

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