29 Questions We Have From The Bachelorette Canada: Episode 8

We made it, you guys! It’s hometown dates! Three guys left and Jasmine is that much closer to find THE ONE.

1. Is Mikhel allowed to ride his bike through the park like that?

2. Is it a prerequisite for everyone to profess their love on hometown dates?

3. Does Mikhel know that the drive-in really only works at night?

4. When was the last time I went to the drive-in?

5. Is anyone else surprised that Mikhel is from Newmarket?

6. Did Mikhel’s dad Tim that gentlemen do, in fact, prefer blondes?

7. Why are they all sitting on one side of the table?

8. Do you think there’s a chance Tim is going to try to steal Jasmine from Mikhel?

9. How many times have we seen Mike do the date dance now?

10. How did Jasmine and Mike make the cherry blossoms?

11. Do you know how hard it is to see the cherry blossoms without hoards of people around?

12. Is Mike resisting the urge to say “I love spending time with you”?

13. Did you really bring this girl to your hometown thinking “I might possibly see myself falling in love with you”?

14. Is that two dads that have hit on Jasmine now?


15. Why is everyone sitting on one side of the table again?

16. Do you think Jasmine is concerned she might have to go to Waterloo once a week?

17. Is Kevin driving a loqued-out Jeep his daddy bought him?


18. Do you think he aspired to be more of a Cher than a Tai growing up?

19. Do you think he knows his hair makes him more of a Travis?


20. On a more serious note, how come Jasmine is more into the two guys that are SO CLOSED OFF than the one who’s super into her?

21. But… what happens if it doesn’t work out? Does Jasmine keep the war medal?

22. Oh man, how do we tell Jasmine to run from that family now?

23. Does no one else find “my mom is the head of the family” concerning?

24. Does his mom not know that Kevin went on a dating show…?

25. Anyone else think of this when his mom spoke?


26. Does anyone else feel the need to remind Jasmine that you also marry the family and that a mama’s boy never really grows out of it?

27. Does his mom have an Oedipus complex? (And, wow, can she be more rude undermining Jasmine’s career choice? Like, we get it, he’s your son. COOL. NOTED.)

28. Ugh is this date over yet?

29. Did Jasmine actually just send Mike home? Does this mean Mikhel is going to win? (OF COURSE IT DOES.) (I can’t confirm it does.)

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