29 Questions We Have From The Bachelorette Canada: Episode 5

With only eight guys left, The Bachelorette Canada crew is now in Quebec City as Jasmine continues her quest for love and Drew continues to be the most insufferable human ever.

1. Does Chris know he just opens himself up to those Drew digs?

2. Why was Mike so surprised he was asked on a date?

3. Why is Kevin so concerned with Mike taking off his shirt when his bod is just as smoking?

4. Does every one-on-one date start with the couple running towards each other and then spinning in the air?

5. Can I go in a helicopter?

6. Can I have some of that champagne?

7. Why am I seeing so much of Mike’s tongue when he’s kissing Jasmine?

8. Why do guys always have to flex their muscles at each other?

9. Why is Mike so stressed?

10. Why is no one eating those desserts?

11. Can I have one?

12. Do I still have leftover pumpkin pie?

13. How do I get four lumberjacks?

14. Are the guys worried about getting splinters? (I’d be.)

15. Why is Thomas speaking in the third person?

16. How many times did Thomas change his hairstyle today? (And why did it look even sexier each time?)

17. Do you think Chris is going to go back to the hotel and yell “BOOYAH” in Drew’s face?

18. K, can we talk about how sexy Mikhel is when he chops wood?

19. Chris is nice and all, but why does his hair always look greasy?

20. Do you think Kevin P. will mind if I use “marathon of suck” in my everyday vocabulary?

21. Is this the most Canadian date of life?

22. Is Jasmine the only one that laughed at that “eight boyfriends is tough” joke?

23. Why do these dates always get awkwardly sexual?

24. Do you think Benoit has ever given a manicure before?

25. Should Benoit maybe wait until Jasmine has stopped talking before he tries to stick his tongue in her mouth?

26. Chris has barely spoken to Jasmine; why is his go-to to make out?

27. Did Chris’ heart just break when he got denied like Ralph’s did?


28. Are Benoit and Kevin the same person? They look like the same person.

29. Do you think Chris is going to be okay?

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