7 Hostess Gifts—Because You Shouldn’t Show Up Empty-Handed

Your bound to get invited to one (or five) holiday parties this season. And while we won’t suggest you have to get a gift for every host, for every event”it’s a nice gesture for some of the more important ones. Is your bestie cooking an entire feast for you and your friends? Get that girl a gift! Are you showing up late to an intimate event? Don’t show up empty-handed! Basically, if it will be awkward for you to show up without any tiding of good cheer (in the form of presents), pick up something small to gift the host. We’ve got a couple suggestions to help you out.

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28557882966_a491c5439a_bHear us out! These aren’t just regular socks. They’re oh-my-god-my-feet-are-warm-but-not-sweaty-just-perfectly-toasty socks. They’re magic. And anyone who tries them on loves them. I know because my boyfriend tried to steal my pair and I bought him his own to get them back. These Indigo Mini Waffle Sherpa Socks ($35) are not for sharing.

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