Unconventional Guy Holiday Gift Guide

We know shopping for guys is never easy, double that pain when you’ve got a dude who isn’t really into any of the typical guy stuff. Sports? Nope. Video game? Nah. Beer? Gross. Bikini-clad girls? Lame. So what on earth do you buy for the guy who doesn’t fit the market? All of this¦

A Day of Really Cool Stuff

You know all those totally cool things going on in your city that you’re bf is always saying we should try sometime, well make a plan to actually do it. Give your guy a card with an agenda printed inside, then tell him to leave his wallet behind and treat him to a day exploring all your city has to offer!

Off-the-Cuff Cufflings

At every point in every guys life he is going to have some event to attend when he’s going to need a pair of cufflings so why not get him a pair that really fits his personality? Etsy is the place for everything and anything personalized, hit them up and produce a pair of cufflings that represent something totally unique to him “ whether it be his favorite childhood cartoon character or an adorable picture of you (yeah, we went there!).

An Awesome Watch

Every guy has somewhere he needs to be and a time he needs to be there. Picking him up a watch is something that could be deemed relatively conventional but check out some of the non-traditional brands like Nixon, Nooka, or Vestal to give it an awesomely unique spin.

A Polaroid Camera

Okay, we know this comes across as being uber hipster but you know what, no one will ever get bored of instant pics. And in a world where we socializing our photo experience on a day-to-day basis, sometimes it’s nice to have something that can be kept private. Even if it never leaves the bedroom¦

An Obscure Boxset

Go on the hunt for a totally off-the-hook boxset for a show that you know neither of you have ever seen but looks somewhat intriguing. Make a promise to spend the entire day post-Christmas feast on the couch with him gorging on these. Even if it’s terrible, it’ll be a bonding experience neither of you will forget.

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