Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

‘Twas the night before Christmas…and, um, you’re still not done your shopping…


Even though we’re pretty sure we should probably be directing this at a more male-oriented audience, we know as well as anyone that sometimes girls can slack off too, and thus, we’re going to present you with five totally generic, give-it-to-anyone gifts that you can, literally, purchase on the night before Christmas…

Monthly or Quarterly Club Subscription

No matter what the person on your list is into – be it wine or beer or cookies or peanut butter – we can guarantee you, there is a club for it. Check out where you can order up subscriptions that come in 3-, 6-, or 12-month plans or quarterly, having the gift of choice delivered every three months. We mean, they even have a teddy bear club (can we get a unanimous “awwww”?)

Wine of the month club

A Book

Books cover such a broad scope of, well, everything…which is part of the reason they make such great gifts. Even if you don’t know someone all that well, you can usually make a pretty decent guess with a book they might enjoy – even if it’s just a pretty coffeetable book for them to look at. Best part? If you use you can totally have the book wrap and shipped right to their door. With any luck, they never even know you were last minute shopping.

A book


They’re lame, we know, but when it comes down to the wire and the only things open are gas stations and Shoppers Drug Mart, sometimes something’s gotta give. And these, they give pretty darn well.

Gift Cards


We’re not exactly sure how anyone could ever (like ever!) survive without a Netflix subscription these days and because of this, we think the “gifting” service on their website is basically the bees knees. Even better? It takes less than five minutes to go through the entire process. And with a six month subscription coming in at under $50, it’s basically a steal…without having to deal with all that piracy stuff. Visit for more details.


iPad Air

If all else fails, a gift from those genius dudes at Apple is like the gift that keeps on giving. If you are in a pinch and you need something impressive in a flash, the new Apple iPad Air is most definitely the way to make that happen. Available now from the Apple Store starting at $519 (and just in case that is out of your budget, their equally impressive iPad Mini starts at $319!)


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