Gift Guide: Best Gadgets for Guys

When it comes to holiday gift-giving for the guys in your life, there is one thing that will never, ever fail: gadgets. If he is hooked on his iPhone or in glued to his PS4, he'll love these gift ideas.

Here’s our top five picks for this years hottest gadget gifts for every guy on your list.

Gadget gift guide for guys

1. FitBit Force

For the gym goer guy, the FitBit Force will be his absolute must-have for this holiday season. This slim wristband not only tracks your steps, distance, stairs climbed, calories burned, and active minutes, but it also monitors how long and how well your dude is snoozing at night. The LED display lends to its sleek appearance and the automatic syncing means he’ll be able to keep his stats on hand no matter where he goes and when. Get it now at Best Buy or order on

2. Leap Motion

You know that embarrassing moment when you double tap your laptop screen thinking it’ll zoom in like your phone? Well now you can ensure your guy never feel that ultimate shame ever again. The Leap Motion is a compact controller that senses hand and finger movement and let’s your man do almost anything on his computer without touching a thing. This also vastly improves his wing-eating while web-surfing experience. Just saying. Buy it at

3. Google Nexus 7

Not only is this sleek 7”Android totally amazing to look at and totally simple to use, but it is also one of the most valuable tablets on the market today. Priced at just $229 or $269 for their 16GB and 32GB wifi compatible tablets or $349 for their 32 LTE enabled tablet, these fast and compact high resolution devices are giving the iPads a serious run for their money. Add to that the ever growing list of apps in the Google Play store and this will definitely be the gift that keeps on giving. Buy it at

4. Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Who doesn’t want their guy to have a camera that will enable them to take amazing shots of your most memorable moments together? The EOS Rebel T4i is the newest DSLR in the Canon Rebel line and is designed to make advanced photography simple and easy, even for the most beginner of users. The 18-megapixel camera includes a highly specialized autofocus, an advanced touchscreen monitor, and a ton of shooting modes that will make every and any picture look fabulous, time and again.

5. Apple iPhone 5S

This one is kind of a given as we can guarantee it will be on just about every dudes wishlist this season. Basically if he was even able to wait this long without already buying it for himself, he’s probably already mentioned to you 1,432 times how much he wants the newest prized possession in the Apple lineup. Not only is it an absolute beaut to look at, but it’s also super techy with its fingerprint identity sensor, its uber high quality camera, and its crazy fast LTE wireless. You’ll basically be his favorite person ever.

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