7 Holiday Gifts for the Coffee Snob in Your Life

The vast majority of us do love us some java, but very few of us take it very, very seriously. Like, will spend a good chunk of change on a daily latte that looks like a work of art and tastes like precious gems. For those peeps who do tend to prioritize coffee like it’s a good friend, deserving of time and resources, these seven gifts are worthy picks.

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Station Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate ($36) 


Station Cold Brew Coffee is a locally-made solution to the artificial, sugar-filled iced caffeine fixes that don’t resonate with — ahem, coffee snobs. Unlike typical iced coffee which is usually just hot coffee poured over ice, Cold Brew coffee is made from a process where cold water is mixed with coffee grounds and left to steep for up to 18 hours. The result is a super strong coffee concentrate that provides clean energy, with no preservatives or added flavors. 

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