6 Sexy Gifts for Your Guy

Give your guy the merriest morning this holiday season with these sexy gifts that are sure to spice up your love life.

Some seasonal steamy reading

Nothing says the holidays like curling up in front of the fire with your guy for a romantic cuddle “ bring a little more sexiness into the mood by gifting your guy with a book of holiday-themed erotica that the two of you can read (and possibly re-enact) together!

Channel a naughtier Mrs. Claus

Dust off your Santa cap and put it to good use this holiday season by integrating it into your wardrobe. Literally every lingerie store out there will be selling some type of sexy Christmas attire this time of year “ so wake him up the morning of with the gift of YOU! We promise it’ll probably be his favourite gift all year.

His wildest fantasy

Does your guy casually mention how he’d like to try some light BDSM? Does he go crazy for the sight of you in high heels? Do you think he’d love to role play with you? Pull together all the things that you think would be involved in making one of his wildest fantasy come true and put them all in a box or basket together. 

A promise of positions

Pick him up a book like the Little Black Book of Sex Positions and write him a sexy inscription in the front of the book that lets him know that you’re looking forward to spending the next year learning how to perfect them all with him.

Good vibrations

Up your between the sheets game this Christmas by buying a vibrator that you can both enjoy. The We-Vibe is a couples vibrator that amps up the pleasure for both you and your partner. Even better? Its mobile app allows you to connect to the product and turn on your partner from anywhere in the world (long distance couples rejoice!).

A sexy stocking

Make up a special stocking full of all sorts of sexy goodness designed to drive him wild — wrap up a sexy red thong, throw in some sensual massage oils or warming lube, or make a booklet of steamy coupons he can redeem throughout the year. If small and sexy, it should be in here.

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