Your No-Fuss Beauty Guide

You may love keeping up with the latest luscious products and beauty trends, but that doesn’t mean you like to work for it. Looking for a beauty routine that will fit a lazier lifestyle? These foolproof products will never make you try too hard. 

1. Gel cleansers or cleansing wipes.
Unless you really need a special cleanser, keep it simple and don’t bother with foaming formulas or daily scrubs. Not only can more complicated cleansers be too harsh for your skin type, they also take forever to rinse off. And it’s a bit counterintuitive to spend a long time cleaning off your cleanser. The wipes are especially handy if you need to remove a lot of makeup, or if you want to redo your makeup on the road.

2. Non-waterproof mascara.
It seems like waterproof mascara will make your life easier, but unless you’ve got to look smokin’ hot for a scuba diving lesson, you probably don’t need it. Regular formulas are much easier to wash off, and if they do end up transferring underneath your eye, they’re easily wiped away with a bit of water. With waterproof mascaras, on the other hand, you become a slave to makeup removers.

3. A wide-toothed comb.
It may have been decades since your mom last made you cry by pulling a comb through your knotty hair, but detangling your strands is still a big pain. Keep a wide-toothed comb in your shower at all times to detangle your hair while you’re letting your conditioner soak in. Rinse off, and your hair will be super-smooth and ready to go.

4. An all-purpose balm.
Not every girl wants to carry around body lotion, cuticle oil, hand cream, and more every single day. Quench dry skin while you’re out and about with a multi-purpose balm, like these Shea Butter Balms from Sula. In a pinch, they can even be used to deliver a shot of moisture to parched lips.

5. Cotton swabs.
These little miracle-workers are a must-have for anyone who likes a quick fix. They’re great for cleaning up mistakes while you’re applying makeup, and can help with eye makeup removal too. Plus, if you’re one of the many women who can’t apply eyeliner to save her life, a quick once-over with a swab will help blend in the shakiest line.

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