Want Spa Treatments at Home on a Budget?

We all love to splurge on self-maintenance every once in a while. But, when money gets tight, and our need for pampering still runs deep, we all have to get a bit crafty. While a day at the spa is a treat, we can’t neglect our skin and aching muscles in between visits. Here are some great ways to pamper yourself and your girlfriends at home and on a budget.

Mani/Pedi Party
Invite some of your girlfriends over for the best kind of girly party. Have everyone bring nail polish colours so that you can all use colours you don’t normally do. Take turns giving each other the royal nail treatment and add your own touches along the way. Spa inspired drinks like herbal teas and fruit juices could accompany the evening, while relaxing soft music could set the mood. No purchase necessary and a great bonding time with your closest girlfriends.

Bathing Beauty
Who needs a hot tub or Jacuzzi when you can create your own bathtub oasis right at home? Pick up some inexpensive bath oils or salts (or even make your own), light some scented candles, pour yourself a glass of vino and slip into your at-home bliss. If you are feeling more creative, gently throw some flower petals into the bath to create an even more luxurious experience.

Give yourself a facial
There enough skin products out there to put dermatologists out of business. So, without breaking the bank, stock up on some nose strips, a face mask, a face scrub suitable for your skin type and some hydrating lotion. Start by placing a hot towel on your face to open your pores. Apply the blackhead clearing nose strips and wait until it feels like paper mache. Continue your pores maintenance with a face scrub followed by the mask. After leaving the mask and rinsing, massage the lotion onto your face. Even a self-massage feels great and will increase circulation and collagen production in your skin.  

Heat things up
While hot stone massages feels great, they can also cost a pretty penny. Invest in some microwavable ˜beanbags’, easily found at your local drugstore, and a hot water bottle or two and heat your pains away. Apply the beanbag to your neck, and the water bottles to your feet and lower back. The application of heat will soothe pains in places you didn’t even know you had them, without you having to shell out for the magical hot stones. 

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