The Best Boots For Fall

Not only does autumn bring layers, coats and an end to feeling smothered in nearly everything you try on, its footwear options are at a premium. So in celebration of abandoning sandals for everything else, here’s our guide to the best boots for fall and the styles you need to pick up.

Considering stilettos aren’t exactly walking through the leaves-appropriate, wedges are perfect for adding both substance and formality with their ability to work with ankle, calf and over-the-knee styles. However, this season, you can pair ankle wedges with tights and ˜60s-inspired mini-dresses to anchor the look if you want to keep it both dressy and modern. Also, if you’re hoping to dress jeans up on a day-to-day basis, simple tuck cigarette pants or skinny jeans into boots and wear them with a scarf, button-up blouse and oversize jacket.

Chunky Heels
We shouldn’t be surprised that such a ˜70s style would stake its claim on the autumn fashion landscape, but with wide-legged trousers such an important wardrobe item, platform boots are an ideal boot option. However, you can also rock chunky heeled boots if you’re hoping to channel the mid-1990s: worn with tights, shorts and a tucked-in blouse, you can dress up an everyday look just by adding height, bringing you from the afternoon to the evening (provided you’re not trudging out in snow).

Ankle Lace-Up
Now an autumn footwear staple, the flat ankle lace-up is the ideal day-to-day style for everything from running errands to attending class to spending an afternoon in the park with friends. Once referred to as the desert boot (particularly by some of us in the early-to-mid-˜90s), ankle lace-ups are the grown-up alternative to running shoes (worn with skinny jeans and an oversize sweater), and the autumn alternative to loafers or oxfords (worn with tights and a knee-length dress), and a step down from Doc’s if you’re not ready to commit so much to 20 years back.

After making their mainstream debut to the masses two years back, over-the-knee boots now offer an edge to the standard pants and jacket combination, while being accessible enough that they’re not making too loud of a fashion statement for casual day at work. However, to keep them in-step this season (all puns intended), pair them with tights and a vintage inspired A-line mini-dress, or even with a traditional pencil skirt and tucked-in sweater to keep from looking too dated or safe.


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