The Very Best Retro Hairstyles

Mad Men is over, Don Draper‘s engaged, and in order to combat our frustration at the unfolding of various subplots, we need to channel our energy elsewhere.  Luckily, with colder temperatures come increased social events, and while anything goes was summer appropriate, fall’s polished aesthetic calls for something a little more inspired.  Here are five retro hair styles you need to bring back.

Veronica Lake Waves
Smoothed out, face-framing peekaboo waves (like Kate Bosworth wears here) are always a fantastic night-time look. Inspired by 1940s screen siren Veronica Lake, they are always in style and look incredible paired with a red lip. To achieve, set hair in large barrel hot rollers. Most of the volume is not at the crown in this look, it’s on the ends so try to place rollers not at crown, but from the chin-length and lower. Let hair cool in rollers, then shake them out and smooth hair with a large paddle brush. Create a deep side part and sweep hair over the eye for that peekaboo effect.

The Audrey Hepburn

Forget everything you know about Amy Winehouse.  While the beehive’s gotten some negative attention as a result of singers on a bender and television cartoons, thanks to the likes of Mad Men and last year’s An Education, this structured hairstyle is back in full force.  One part beehive, another part French twist, it’s important that instead of adopting the conehead aesthetic of Californian housewives circa ’64 (or even Snooki circa now), you keep it playful.  Like Carey Mulligan in her Academy-Award nominated role, use your bangs to add some multi-dimension and keep your hair from looking stiff, and remember that when all else fails, channel Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

The Grace Kelly

Now that the humidity has subsided, some of us can return to styling our hair with purpose instead of through a veil of pre-meditated tears.  Like the look that became just as iconic as the actress who wore it, Grace Kelly’s waves helped remind everyone why some things remain always en vogue.  Perfect for weddings, holiday parties or outings where you plan to one-up everyone in the room, the combination of smooth waves, short hair and an air of refinement will make even jogging pants look good.

The Betty Paige

There’s a reason Dita Von Teese makes best-of lists religiously, and it’s not just because of her affinity for vintage finds.  Little bangs and big waves don’t just stay true to the Betty Page aesthetic, but also work to maintain the 90s edge that’s currently bombarding fashion.  And while the bangs are optional (if you don’t have any, fear not “ just part your hair to one side and fasten with a pin or clip), the loose curls capitalize on the effortlessly polished look our favourite fashion icons engineered.

The Edie Sedgwick

Let’s be honest: short hair is coming back with a vengeance.  And with the likes of Carey Mulligan taking the pixie-cut plunge (what can we say “ the girl understands style), there’s no time like the present to channel Edie Sedgwick and take on the seemingly effortless crop.  The beauty of short hair is that dressy or casual, you can simply tweak makeup or wardrobe choices to suit the occasion, and in the case of rain, snow or gale force winds, it’s easier to avoid disaster than someone with longer locks.  Not to mention when it comes to socialite chic, Warhol’s muse takes the cake.

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