The Ultimate Tips for Fuller Lips Naturally

The curse of thin lips is a problem no more. We’ve managed to scrape up a few awesome and simple tips to make your lips look fuller than ever before. Read on to find out how to get a sexy pout, naturally.

Exfoliate and Hydrate

For lips to reach their maximum fullness, they need to be moist and soft all the time. The best way to maximize hydration is to exfoliate them with a gentle lip scrub. Especially in winter, you should exfoliate your lips every day. In summer, you can reduce it to two to three times a week but when the weather is dry, more often is better. Once the dead dry skin is off, apply a generous layer of extra hydrating lip balm or petroleum jelly. Ideally, this ritual should be done before bed to allow for maximum penetration. You’ll wake up with smooth, moist lips that are as plump as you can get them. Just be sure not to lick them for hydration. This only dries them out and makes them shrivel up.

Get a Lip Balm with SPF

Products with SPF will protect your lips from the sun’s harmful rays, which yes, can dehydrate your lips and make them appear smaller than they are. Protection from UV rays will allow your lips to retain more moisture, giving them a fuller appearance. You should also look for natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E, ingredients proven to hydrate longer.

Fake Fuller Lips with a Lip Brush

Applying liner outside the lips may work on television, but in real life, it’s one of the worst approaches to getting fuller lips. It is very obvious and can look sloppy or messy. Instead, try using a lip brush to apply your lip colour. That way, you’re not missing any spots, as you might when applying lipstick from the tube directly, but you’re not spilling outside of your natural lip line either. Sometimes, when you miss a spot, your lips can appear smaller because only the coloured area stand out. Reaching into the corners of the lips and covering every squared-millimetre will maximize your lip size and show them off. You can also opt for a shiny gloss to give the illusion of plumper lips, as well, rather than a matte lip colour.

Whistle More

Yes, whistle! If you’re looking for a natural way to plump up that pout, whistle every single day for anywhere from three to five minutes. This will exercise the muscles in your lips that you normally don’t use. As with any muscle, exercise will make it fuller.

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