Tools For Your Makeup Arsenal

Creating your facial makeup at home requires some essentials to make sure you look your best every time you leave home. Your home makeup arsenal needs certain tools that will help you create then recreate your most gorgeous look for daytime and evening. Not having these makeup tools in your arsenal increases your chance of a makeup misstep.

Makeup Sponges
Blending foundation can be tricky, using a flexible sponge can give you softly blended makeup that is the right layer of thickness for your skin. Whether cream or powder based foundation, careful use of a slightly damp sponge keeps your skin clean and clear as the foundation is applied, and helps to blend the makeup smoothly on your skin and around the edges of your face and neck. Wash out your makeup sponges each time you use them and store them in a dry location.

Makeup Brushes
Have specific makeup brushes available for blush, eye shadow, powder, and powder based foundation. Oils in the skin make using your finger as a blending tool somewhat problematic. A good idea is to have separate brushes that are sized especially for these facial areas. A wide brush is ideal for brushing on and blending in blush on your cheekbones. A wide brush is also perfect for brushing on powder after using a cream foundation. Eye shadow works best with a smaller brush with sculpted tips to help shade and blend colors over lids and in creases. Q-tips work well for unwanted smudges and makeup mistakes. Dust off your makeup brushes each time you use them and keep them in a clean, dry location.

Facial Cleanser
One of the most important things you can do after wearing makeup all day or evening is to take it off before going to bed. If you want a crisp, clean look every day be sure to remove all traces of make-up, an especially important step for overall skin health. Healthy, beautiful skin, even if helped along with a foundation, can become a problem with clogged pores from leaving make-up in place. Use a good cream or soap cleanser to remove foundation, and a non-irritating eye makeup remover to take off mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow. Want to help those fine lines around your eyes? Make sure your eyeshadow is removed, you can use mineral oil or baby shampoo for this delicate step. Leftover makeup can mess your skin up and cause clogged pores and unwanted acne.

Morning And Night Care
After removing all your makeup with a good quality makeup remover use an astringent to open and clear your pores, then moisturize your skin and eye area. A facial cream morning and night will help protect your skin. Cream for your eyes will help your eye area recover from the powders, creams, and mascara that made your eyes look so great. Keep your skin and eyes looking great with consistent cleaning and moisturizing morning and night. 

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