Tips for Wearing Fragrance

A fragrance can be as intimate as a woman’s touch, and many women have what they consider their signature scent, as well as several other scents for other occasions. But the way you wear your fragrance can be as important as what you wear. Try a few of the ideas below to make the most of your fragrance choices.

Consider your strength. Of your fragrance, that is. Fragrance is made from a mix of scented oils (natural or synthetic), alcohol and water. The stronger the concentration of oils, the stronger (and longer lasting) your fragrance will be. Perfume is the strongest, followed by Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne. An Eau de Cologne may need to be (lightly) reapplied after a few hours, but a Perfume should get you through pretty much your whole day.

Layer it. Try wearing a bath gel, lotion, and spritz of light cologne in the same scent. Many fragrances even come pre-packed in gift sets for layering. By using the same fragrance of shower gel, body lotion and cologne, you will give your fragrance lasting power throughout the day without having to squirt yourself with an overwhelming amount of scent.  

Apply to your pulse points. This means wearing it on your wrists, cleavage, even behind your knees.  The heat from your body will help your perfume dissipate during the day. But don’t rub your wrists together after applying your fragrance “ you can actually damage the scent that way! You can also spray a little into your hair for longer lasting fragrance (blonds, try a test patch before doing this to be sure the fragrance oils don’t affect your color. Not that you’re not a natural blond¦)

Walk through a cloud. Another fun way to wear perfume is to spritz some into the air and then walk through it. This will let the fragrance cling to your hair, clothes, exposed skin, etc., in a fun and sexy way. If you are wearing delicate fabrics or jewelry (especially anything with pearls), don’t do this, as you don’t want to damage or discolor anything.

Remember, less is more. Never wear more than three sprays of a fragrance, less if you are wearing a perfume or other form that has more concentrated oils. You don’t want your perfume to enter a room before you do, or cling to anything you touch (a co-worker’s phone, an elevator button, a door handle “ yuck!) If you’re not sure, ask a friend. You’ll become used to your perfume after time and may think you aren’t wearing enough, making it easier to overdo it.

Mix but don’t clash. It’s fun to mix scents, and many fragrances will complement each other. This can be especially true with shower gels, lotions, and perfumes that aren’t the same fragrance but somehow blend together deliciously. Floral perfumes seem to do this especially well (try using a fruity shower gel and see how it mixes.) But try wearing your new combo at home, first, so you don’t end up smelling like something, well, odd.

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    Came across this article and thought of you!

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