Tips for Great Summer Hair

With summer officially here, you’ll want to ease your tresses into a sleek summer style perfect for the upcoming hot days. Here are some tips to keep your locks feeling smooth, luscious, and shampoo commercial bouncy, no matter whether your average summer day takes place at the beach or the office!

1) Leave-In Conditioner
A staple of hair salons, leave in conditioner is a great way to revitalize your hair, handle greasy or dry ends, and have a head full of bounce, body, and shine. If you don’t want to spend extra cash on a professional blowout, try picking up a salon-quality brand such as Bumble and Bumble Leave In (Rinse Out) Conditioner or a drugstore staple such as Aussie Sydney Smooth Heat Protector Plus.

2) Rocking a Braid or Bun
To keep your tresses smooth and sleek even on the most humid days in the city, switch loose locks for a fishtail or French style braid, accessorized with an embellished headband. Another great alternative to hair spilling down your back in summertime is a high ballerina bun, perfect for keeping hair off your shoulders and neck during trips to the beach, pool, or park.

3) Lighten Up!
Break up solid winter colour with a few strategically placed highlights (such as bright copper, caramel, or ash blonde streaks). Nothing screams sun, surf, and sand more than sun-kissed, beachy waves.

4) Moroccan Oil Treatment
Popularized by hair stylists, this innovative line of high-quality products is proven to leave hair shiny, soft, and healthy. With new life given to damaged, bleached, or overprocessed hair, you’ll definitely want to pop into your local salon to pick up a bottle of this long-lasting and effective oil treatment.

Check the line’s website at for more product information and styling tips!

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