Summertime Beauty Blunders

In days best described as hot, hazy and humid, it can be difficult to choose the right beauty regimen when you’re trying to stay fresh, cool and on top of your game.  That’s why we’ve given you a list of the biggest summertime beauty mistakes and how to avoid them “ so get ready to bid adieu to the formula of sunburns, breakouts and concealer overload.

Blunder #1: Overzealous use of toner

When humidity hits and your face begins to feel like it’s melting by the minute, it can be tempting to zap oil and moisture by repeatedly applying toner.  But toner often has a lot of alcohol which can really dry out skin, so that can actually dry your skin out, triggering even more oil production.  If you have problems with heat-induced breakouts (especially if you have bangs), but instead of over-toning, opt for more deep-cleansing face wash, or one that has exfoliating ingredients like glycolic or lactic acid, to get you through June through to September.

Blunder #2: Powder overload

After an afternoon out and about, the first thing you want to do to is apply powder to your shiny spots or mask your breakouts with a touch of concealer.  However, combined with sweat, moisture and foundation already present, additional makeup is asking only for future breakouts and a cakey complexion.  Therefore, instead of trying to absorb oil with more makeup, pick up a pack of oil-blotting sheets and use them at will.  They may not cover up your blemishes, but in weather that will melt the cosmetics off your face anyway, you’re still ahead of the game.

Blunder #3: Skipping the SPF

We all want a healthy glow, but skipping sunscreen or relying just on SPF makeup to protect your face, you’re exposing your skin to a slew of harmful UV rays that will damage and dry it out. Stay in the shade as much as possible and use at least SPF 30 to avoid UV rays (which can cause premature wrinkles and skin damage).

Blunder #4: Eyes on the Prize

It seems like on top of everything else, the last thing you want to worry about is smudged eyeliner and clumped mascara, but in the midst of a heat wave, all beauty bets are off.  That’s why in times of excessive humidity, it’s best to embrace the less is more approach to cosmetics, since too much will leave you looking less like Mary-Kate and more like Courtney Love.  For daytime wear, adopt minimal liner with a touch of powder and light mascara, and for nights out, take a page out of the book of Alexa Chung and work defined eyeliner but nothing else, playing up lips or cheekbones instead.


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